Results speak for themselves: very good.
Black goes as low as 0.1 cd/m2
Measured contrast ratio ~800:1 is very good and stable within the whole range of brightness.

Even more.
The Samsung S24A850DW features autobrightness sensor ("Eco Light Sensor") which adjusts the screen brightness depending on ambient light intensity.

In Eco mode the screen brightness went as low as 34.8 cd/m2 (white) and 0.045 cd/m2 (black) with the same stable CR 773:1

And what about "Dynamic" CR?
It does not have a physical sense and does not exist in nature.
So we cannot measure anything that does not exist.
We measure "Static" CR.
However the most important CR is "Display CR" - this is what we actually see on the monitor. Display CR is hard to measure and function of viewing angles. This is why good viewing angles are so important.
In this video you can see again how quickly CR changes with angles. What you see is display CR.

"Dynamic" CR is a marketing gimmick, a trick with numbers to impress naive consumers.
You can see those numbers in specs. Remember: it is nothing.

Brightness distribution