By default picture mode is Custom.
We use this mode for measurements and calibration.
This the most useful, realistic, "all purpose" mode.

As usual several picture presets are found in the menu.

And as usual, those presets do nothing but spoil the picture.
Standard and Game modes are just placebos that boost brightness to "preset" numbers (in cd/m2: W=240/B=0.3 and blinding W=365/B=0.5 respectively) with minimal effect on other parameters.
Cinema simply kills the picture sending colors way off.

"Dynamic" CR does not exist. But a particular combination of settings that is referred to in the menu as "Dynamic Contrast" - does exist.
This mode makes bright scenes brighter and dark scenes darker.
The way electronics determine what is bright and what is dark, and when it's time "to switch the light off" can lead to embarrassing results.
A real example from the test.
In a movie scene, a few men in dark suits enter the room.
Technically it means more %% of black color. "Dynamic contrast" reads this change as a "darker scene" and .... yes, turns the light down!
This mode acts like unwanted movie editor.
Try to use it for fun.