Calibration Results: Before and After

First of all let us look at color gamut triangle.
The monitor's gamut covers sRGB space almost completely, but extends outside sRGB in the red and especially in the blue areas.
Ideally both triangles must be identical (1:1 match).

The probe marks the blue color as a violator #1.

The "after calibration" diagram looks like second to perfect.

Grey scale tones in Lagom test (1-255) are distinguishable from 2 to 254.
Despite this glowing calibration report visually solid blue color remains too intense (compared with a white LED and a wide gamut monitors).
This observation along with the monitor's color gamut configuration (easily detected by the probe) is a bit alarming. This issue is beyond calibration equipment. It is entirely on monitor's electronics.

We compared Samsung SA850 color gamut with WG monitors.
Please look at color gamut diagrams below and identify color exterema for each monitor in red, green and blue colors (respective triangles corners).
The Dell 2408 and even the discontinued color gamut record breaker Samsung XL20 did not go so far in the blue color as the Samsung SA850 did.

So far the Samsung S24A850DW seems to be only "conditionally" sRGB monitor.