How Glossy is Semi-Glossy?

The Samsung was expected to have semi-glossy panel.

Matte finish introduces so-called "crystalline effect" on LCD monitors - subtle sparkly, frosty haze on static massive white backgrounds.

Is it subtle?
Yes, it is.
Do all users pay attention to it?
No. Most of them have no idea about crystalline effect.
Do all matte panels have crystalline effect?
Yes, they do.
Do glossy panel have crystalline effect?
No, they don't.
Does it affect photos, movies, games?
Not at all.
What may it affect?
Reading from a monitor (text work, internet browsing).
What will happen if a matte panel loses crystalline effect?
The panel will become glossy.
Is it better to have no crystalline effect?
Yes, of course.
Do all matte panels have the same amount of crystalline effect?
No, it differs.

For inexplicable reasons current matte IPS panels have a "stronger" crystalline effect.
Typical PVA or TN panel would have it to a lesser degree (mild).
The reference IPS monitor NEC2490WUXi is known to have matte panel finish with mild crystalline effect. But this is an exception.

The Samsung S24A850DW is a winner here.
Its surface is matte just enough to prevent glare. Crystalline effect is minimal. It is less than on any other monitor in this test.