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August 31, 2011

Yes, PLS

Long, long, long awaited model from Samsung is now in front of you.
New PLS technology (Plane-to-Line Switching) has been developed by Samsung as an answer to growing popularity of IPS panels (In-Plane Switching) made by LG.

Is PLS a revolution?
How does it look next to its competitors?
Is it much different from Samsung older technology (PVA)?
How does it perform in various tasks as a multimedia monitor?
What about LCD glow and crystalline effect?
Tons of questions.

No review is valid unless a reference monitor is used to compare and validate observations and measurements.
This unit has been tested next to NEC 2490WUXi (H-IPS with A-TW polarizer, standard color gamut, CCFL backlight) as a reference monitor with LaCie Blue Eye Pro / SpectraView II / Eye One Display 2 calibration kits.
Other technologies used for comparisons: CRT, TN (standard gamut, LED BL), S-PVA (wide gamut, CCFL BL).

You are invited to go through this thorough review and decide if this monitor is right for you.
This review may help you find what you have been looking for or ... save you $$$.