Image Quality

Viewing angles (must be: image stability is not affected by viewing angle change) is a single most important characteristic of LCD monitors.
This is a key factor that influences image quality for LCD monitors.


PLS viewing angles: excellent and identical to IPS. Colors are stable from a wide range of horizontal angles. PLS demonstrated a bit less decrease in brightness (vs H-IPS) from sharp angle views.
LCD glow can be seen from diagonal views.
It's not an issue for a regular position in front of the monitor.

PLS next to an older Samsung product - S-PVA: no colorshift on PLS, no false 3D effect, no colors wash out from angle views, no "green frame" flicker.

Colors on the Samsung S24A850DW: in most cases - realistic skin tones, no dithering anywhere (Lagom and other tests), no red faces unlike those on wide gamut S-PVA next to it.
No color tint on white noted.
However colors near solid blue are too intense on the test unit. It was compared with all participating monitors. Even WG S-PVA did not go that far.

Subjectively from the first approach: the Samsung S24A850DW does look and behave as an IPS monitor with sRGB-like gamut, somewhat unbalanced colors, very convincing black and contrast.

Now we are going to watch two video clips.
Yes, it is about the Samsung SA850 24" on PLS.
The first one is PLS vs H-IPS vs S-PVA technologies shootout.
You would not forgive me if I don't show these videos to you.
All monitors are set to the same brightness level(brightness of white). So actual black levels are different according to different contrast ratios.
Unfortunately our hero does not look most favorably in some episodes.
Please don't get panic.
You will see how LCD glow behaves on different panels, but remember that we don't buy monitors to stare at empty black screens from diagonal angle in darkness.
Also note how each black screen changes with angle.

The second video is devoted to Samsung products: PLS vs S-PVA.
Please pay a special attention to horizontal angles.
Are black bars good or not so good? And what about the picture between them (contrast, colors...) on two monitors?