Pixel Structure & Fonts

As was mentioned above, the Samsung S24A850DW on PLS has a semi-glossy panel with minimal crystalline effect.

This is what was noted in comparison with H-IPS panel.
Pixel structure looks very similar on PLS and H-IPS: accurate rectangles.
You can see a bit more "sparkly" background on H-IPS vs more transparent coating on PLS.
But the font itself looks a bit more accurate on... "less glossy" H-IPS.
Some more solid color components (esp. darker blue) makes letters on PLS a bit "fuller" and less sharp than on H-IPS.
A similar effect has been observed many times on wide gamut monitors with inadequate electronics.
Sharpness control (between default 60 and maximum 100) produces zero effect on text sharpness.
Again, do not panic. We are splitting hairs when compare PLS with IPS.
Inter-pixel grid on PLS looks a bit less visible than on H-IPS. This may be an explanation for a subtle difference in brightness at sharp angles (in favour of PLS).

Below is comparison of PLS with older Samsung's technology S-PVA.
You can see a striking difference. This is a typical S-PVA effect: unevenly lit pixels make letters slightly fuzzy.